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Lighthouses of Long Island Sound, by Toni Leland
Sound & Country, September 2015

   Spectacular views and a wonderful tour guide are what visitors will find when they embark on the Lighthouse Tour recently launched by Cross Sound Ferry Services in New London.

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Farm Forward: Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm, by Toni Leland
Northeast Neighbors, 2015/2016

   "Something to do, something to see, something to eat." A perfect description of Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm in Moosup. Lush green fields and rolling hills define this 360-acre farm that is so much more than just a place to buy a Thanksgiving turkey.

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Magical Marietta, by Toni Leland
Country Living, July 2014

   Unique in so many ways, the town of Marietta on the banks of the Ohio River is an Ohio destination not to be missed. For the history buff, the town and surrounding areas are a treasure trove of historical places focusing on the events and people that formed the foundation of our forefathers' move westward.
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Barnesville, the Belle of Belmont County, Ohio by Toni Leland
Country Living, August 2013

   Once known as the Strawberry Capital of the World, the town of Barnesville in western Belmont County, Ohio retains the charm of earlier days, while keeping pace with the twenty-first century.
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Memories of Buckeye Lake, by Toni Leland 
Country Living, March 2013

   While the body of water known as the Great Swamp may not sound familiar, the lake created from it by the construction of the Ohio Canal will generate fond memories for most older Ohioans. Buckeye Lake was a favorite destination, made accessible by the arrival of the Interurban Railroad at the turn of the century.

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Mile by Mile on the National road, by Toni Leland
Country Living, March 2011

   The Father of Our Country was also the man who recognized the potential of opening the "gates to the West." In George Washington's time, the "West" was that unknown and impenetrable area past the Appalachian Mountains.

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Norwich magazine March 2016
Get Your Garden Going Now, by Toni Leland
Norwich Magazine, March 2016

    Gardening begins in January with a dream, but before Old Man Winter leaves, we have much to do. Preparing our land and ourselves for the abundance of spring and summer requires a little planning. Learn what needs to be done from March into May to have the garden you want.
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Houseplants for Good Health, by Toni Leland
Country Living, January 2015

     Nothing is more welcoming and relaxing than a room filled with greenery. Good for the mind and spirit, right? But not only do houseplants beautify our living space, satisfy those with a green thumb, and produce oxygen for our atmosphere, but many houseplants have other significant health effects as well.
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NORWICH Magazine: Toni's Garden Column

Creating a Memory Garden, by Toni Leland
Pathfinder, April 2015

     "...One is nearer God's Heart in a garden than anywhere else on Earth," wrote Dorothy Frances gurney in her poem, "God's Garden." And so can we be nearer a departed loved on through the beauty and spirituality of nature. Creating a memory garden to honor these treasured people is one way of coping with grief.
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A Bright Spot in Winter, by Toni Leland
Country Living, December 2012

     Something about blooms and fragrance during the winter months gives us that little boost that assures us spring's promise can't be too far away. Whether a gift amaryllis or poinsettia arrives on your doorstep, or you treat yourself to a bulb-forcing kit, the color and fragrance of these blooms will fill your heart and home with cheer. Read the full story, page 32

Do you have what it takes to be a Master Gardener?
by Toni Leland
Connecticut Lifestyles, October 2015

    The UCONN Master Gardener program is probably the best kept secret in the state! Did you know that anyone can take the course and become a certified Master Gardener? But wait – exactly what is a Master Gardener?
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Party With the Pilgrims: Easy Thanksgiving Recipes, by Toni Leland
GRIT Nov/Dec 2010

     Though our food choices and preparation methods have evolved over the centuries, one thing remains constant: as celebrated by our forebears, the Thanksgiving feast is a time for counting blessings and coming together with loved ones. And wherever family members gather, there will be food that evokes memories.

Summer Soups: Gifts from the Garden, by Toni Leland
Dave's Garden, July 2013

     The fruits of our labor in the garden provide many delicious treats as the season progresses. One of the best is soup made from fresh, sweet vegetables newly picked and popped into the kettle.

Cooking with Mom, by Toni Leland
GRIT July/Aug 2008

     Not a week goes by that I don't find myself in the kitchen with my mother. Mind you, she hasn't been with us for many years, but she still influences the food of my heart. Two of her ingredient-stained, dog-eared cookbooks sit among my own modern volumes. My pies unfold beneath the satiny sheen of her wooden rolling pin. 

  • Gathering Recipes from Social Cookbooks, GRIT, June 2011
  • Winter Delights with Preserved Vegetables, Dave's Garden, 1/27/10
  • Satisfying Ohio's Sweet Tooth, Over the Back Fence, Jan/Feb 2010 (out of print)
  • Dish it up at a Cooking Class, Over the Back Fence, Nov/Dec 2009 (out of print)