Toni Leland's News for February

"They" say time flies when you're having fun, and I guess it's true because the time between November and February disappeared.

Work always slows down during the holidays, but come the new year, the jobs start rolling in. Along with my regular garden column in Norwich Magazine – Toni's Garden – I'm writing several features throughout the coming year. Getting ready for gardening season is a big topic and both March and April issues will cover all the things one must do to be ready for the warm weather and first flowers. I had fun with February's column by showcasing new varieties of annuals, perennials, and vegetables to love.

Several stories for The Day Publishing Company made their way into readers' homes, including Aspire, Connecticut Family, a new Mystic Seaport publication, and Sound & Country. I enjoy meeting a variety of people to learn about their businesses, their goals, and their accomplishments. Eastern Connecticut Ballet celebrates their 25th anniversary this year, and I had the pleasure of telling that story. Ray of Light Rescue Farm in Haddam was my assignment for the next issue of Connecticut Horse, and what a fun visit that was! I even got to meet a Zeedonk!

As I juggle deadlines and interviews, look for photo ops, and anticipate spring in my garden, I can honestly say that life is great!

Fanci Pants, the Zeedonk