Book Review: The Weather Resilient Garden

by Toni Leland

Instead of bemoaning the bad things that can happen to our gardens, we can be proactive if we understand all the natural events that our planet bestows upon us. The Weather Resilient Garden is a defensive approach to planning and landscaping, keeping the weather in mind.

Anything you might need to know about planting a beautiful, but tough garden is contained in the 412 pages written by horticulturist, naturalist, editor, and educator Charles W. G. Smith. The first part of the book describes how to plan your weather-resilient garden, with regard to location, microclimates, soil, and other issues. The weather section specifically covers cold, ice & snow, salt, flood, drought, fire, hail, heat, humidity, lightning, and wind – and what you need to know ahead of time to keep your gardens safe.

The final section offers information on 100 weather-resilient plants, including perennials, shrubs, trees, vines, ornamental grasses, annuals, and lawns. More resources are available through the appendix, supplies and resources, further reading, USDA Hardiness Zone maps, botanic & common name index, and a general index.

I quite literally LOVE this book!