Book Review: The Bee Friendly Garden

by Toni Leland
Pollinators are crucial to our lives. Without pollinators, we would have no food. Without food, well...
Not only does The Bee Friendly Garden by Kate Frey & Gretchen LeBuhn provide detailed information about attracting, nurturing, and keeping bees in your garden, it explains the various types of bees, why they are important, and how they are at risk.

As an avid gardener, I love arranging my gardens to provide habitat and nutrition for the pollinators who visit. I learned a great deal from this well-written book; one of the surprises to me was that not all flowers are attractive to bees, and some of our favorites are completely inaccessible!

Along with important information to help the bee-lover are resources galore: regional plant lists are invaluable when choosing what to plant in your garden; three pages list bee-friendly nurseries and garden centers, arranged by region; a list of recommended books and online sources finishes the resource section. More about this book.