Toni Leland's News for August

As quickly as August arrived, it almost passed me by! Winding down the summer season seems to go so fast. School starting, football practice already underway, gardens gasping through the dog days of summer. But work has been busy as ever, and I've a lineup of great stories for fall.

The "Meet a Farmer" Series in the Norwich Bulletin was great fun, and I enjoyed meeting many dedicated farmers who love their work. And with great weather comes great photo ops! I've visited several gorgeous gardens, including the Butterfly Garden at Lockwood Farm in Hamden, Connecticut, and the Butterfly-Pollinator Garden at Cohen Woodlands in Colchester, Connecticut. These beautiful places give me so many ideas for future stories.

Last, but not least, I've thoroughly enjoyed my new stint as editor of two great horse magazines: Connecticut Horse and Massachusetts Horse. Be sure to take a look at both online editions.

Toni Leland's News for July

The fireworks are history and the hot weather has arrived in Connecticut. For me, this is a great time to settle into my air-conditioned office and get some serious work done. Stay tuned – a lot of great stories are on the schedule for the next issues of Aspire and Sound & Country.

Warm weather and gorgeous gardens are a big attraction to the critters, both good and bad. The subject of "Toni's Garden" in this month's Norwich Magazine is the pests we don't want in the garden. Find out what's bugging you and how to handle it.

The not-so-bad creatures can be a joy. This young fella joined me one morning, probably to eat my roses, but we ended up having a nice conversation before he ambled off to someone else's garden.

Yearling buck 2016